Partial Dentures

Medical and healthcare costs are rising. The economic situation has worsened for ordinary people due to occurrences including the Covid 19 pandemic. However, delaying dental care and treatment of dental issues and diseases can aggravate to be a serious health condition later. Fortunately, there are alternative and cost-effective measures available for certain dental treatments. Partial dentures are a cost-effective option for treating the condition of missing teeth.

Partial Dentures as a Method of Treatment

Every individual may have a unique dental condition and consequently variable therapy needs. However, most people find partial dentures to be a cost-effective option to overcome certain dental conditions. The actual cost of the therapy and the dental treatment depends on the unique dental conditions 9for instance tooth palette) of the patient. For instance, the more teeth are to be replaced, the higher the costs. Also, metal dentures cost more when compared to plastic dentures. Some forms of dental care and treatment are needed before and after the therapy session as well.

The Cost of Partial Dentures

A partial denture for the upper jaw which is made using a resin base may have a cost of approx. $ 1200. If the resin saddles and the metal base are used, the cost may be approximately $ 1650.

The partial dentures and the dental solutions are non-invasive treatment procedures, which means that no surgery is required. These dentures may be in the form of precision attachments or clasps. The precision denture attachments and the partial dentures cost more as they are made bespoke by the dentist for the patient. The creation of these dentures involves more time and labor. Such precision attachment can be combined with dental implants as well as teeth.

The clasps used as partial dentures are manufactured using metal circles. During therapy, these clasps are fixed to the next or adjoining teeth for teeth filling.


All the different forms and attachments of partial dentures are extremely durable. However, putting a partial denture in place of the removed decaying teeth is not always an immediate option. Sometimes the dentist may give up to 6 months to the gums so that they are properly healed and can accommodate the partial denture well enough. On the subsequent consultation, the dentist will inspect the health and state of the teeth and gum and will create a partial denture. Such partial denture treatments are durable and long-lasting. The denture is permanent to your oral cavity.

Plastic and Metal Dentures

The polymer and the plastic partial dentures are not only more cost-effective but may also be good for aesthetic purposes. The lightweight dentures can be manufactured as well as repaired easily.

The metal partial dentures are made using chromium and cobalt. Some of these are made using titanium which may be useful when large dentures are to be manufactured.

Partial dentures are made for either side of the oral cavity and the mouth and are unique to a patient and individual. You can reach a leading and reputed dental clinic now to know about the benefits of this cost-effective tooth-filling procedure.


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