Dental Inlays

Anytime you are looking for an oral surgeon, there are a lot of things that come to mind. Will they hurt the procedure? Are they knowledgeable? Would you get better service with them or at another physician’s office? These questions go through most people’s minds regarding getting dental work done professionally. If you are looking for a great place to relax during your visit and get your dental job done, look no further than Smile Design Los Angeles, which specializes in all procedures from tooth extractions and root canals to dentures and dental implants.

Our Process Has Minimal Pain and Irritation.

The process of getting dental inlays is straightforward. First, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb your mouth so that you don’t feel any pain during the procedure. Then, we will fix the inlay using a unique adhesive that sets quickly – usually in less than 30 seconds! After this, we will shape the inlay to fit your tooth perfectly and then polish it to match your other teeth. You won’t need to worry about swelling or bleeding afterward because no cuts or stitches are involved.

Our Techniques Protect Your Teeth From Further Damage

We understand how important it is for our patients to have healthy teeth for their entire lives – which is why we take great care to preserve your natural tooth structure as much as possible when creating our restorations. This way, if you ever need another repair done down the road, it will be quick and easy for us to do so without removing more of your natural tooth material than necessary.

We Use Safe Digital Impressions for Better Precision.

Digital impressions are essential to making dental inlays, but you don’t have to worry about them being uncomfortable or even harmful. Our team uses digital X-rays and a high-tech scanner to take accurate images of your teeth and gums so you get a healthy fit.

Our Inlays Are Easier to Clean Than Other Methods.

Traditional metal inlays can be challenging to clean because they’re made from one material that covers all parts of the tooth surface. This means any food particles get stuck between crevices and spaces that cannot be reached with regular brushing and flossing – not ideal for oral health! Dental inlays made from porcelain give you better cleaning options since they’re made from several materials that allow for more thorough cleaning between each layer, reducing plaque build-up and improving overall hygiene.

We Use a Lasting, Attractive Material

Our team uses porcelain dental inlays because they are a durable material that can withstand the forces of chewing and biting. Porcelain is also solid against staining, which means your teeth will remain white and bright for years after treatment.

Our Dental Inlays Strengthen Your Teeth

Dental inlays fit over the weakened parts of your tooth structure, strengthening them so they can withstand the forces of chewing and biting without breaking down further or falling out completely. This keeps your natural teeth healthy and protected against further decay or breakage.

We Offer Durable Fillings That Can Last a Lifetime.

We offer dental inlays that are made using the highest quality materials. These durable materials can last for a lifetime, giving you more value. We also use painless techniques to provide you with a comfortable experience during the treatment.

Wrapping Up

At Smile Design Los Angeles, we proudly offer dental inlays to our patients. We realize that cosmetic dentistry procedures are essential to your overall health, and we want you to be happy with your smile! Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a dental inlays consultation.