Dental Bonding

Over the years, cosmetic dentistry has become an increasingly popular choice for patients. While the rise in popularity is good news for patients, it leaves many wondering if they can afford it. For some, the solution is dental bonding, a cheaper option that uses resin to create a firmer and more natural-looking smile. In this article, we will discuss reasons why you should choose Smile Design Los Angeles for dental bonding.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Dental bonding is a tooth-colored material that fills in small chips, cracks, and gaps on teeth. The procedure can also be a cosmetic alternative to traditional veneering and crowning procedures. The material we use at Smile Design Los Angeles is strong enough to withstand chewing forces without breaking down or cracking over time, which makes it ideal for restoring chipped teeth or filling in small gaps between teeth.

Comfort and Convenience

Bonding can be completed in just one visit and does not require surgery or anesthesia because no drilling is involved during the procedure. You can generally eat after treatment, and your smile will not permanently change. Bonding can also be completed on several teeth without affecting the rest of your mouth, so you don’t need additional appointments.

We Will Make Sure You Know What to Expect

Dental bonding is a straightforward procedure that can be completed in one visit. However, it’s still important to know what to expect before and after the process and how long it will take. Our office staff will ensure you understand what to expect before your appointment begins, so there are no surprises once your treatment starts.

We Will Make Sure You Are Comfortable During Your Appointment

You may feel nervous about getting dental bonding done for the first time since it is a new experience for you, and your mouth will be sore afterward from the process. Our staff strives to make each patient feel comfortable during their appointment, so they don’t have any anxiety or fear during their treatment or afterward when they have sores in their mouth from the process itself.

It’s Affordable

Dental bonding is affordable because the materials used are typically not expensive. Many people pay less than $100 for this procedure. The price varies depending on what material you choose and how many teeth need work done on them, but it will always be less than what it would cost for other types of cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as veneers or crowns.

We Use Cutting-Edge Technology

Dental bonding is a relatively new cosmetic procedure, so it’s essential to go to a dentist who uses cutting-edge technology when performing the procedure. Our dentists at Smile Design Los Angeles have access to some of the most advanced dental lasers on the market, allowing them to provide better results than older bonding methods or other types of cosmetic procedures like veneers or crowns.


Smile Design Los Angeles truly cares about its patients and their needs. They are a very modern, clean office and you will feel comfortable when you walk in the door. Smile Design Los Angeles provides exceptional dental work and stands behind it with a 100% guarantee.